Dragon Palace Game

Dragon Palace

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After the cave, you're moving on to the palace. This is a very grand palace. The outside structure reminds you of the poles for Quidditch. It gives you that slightly magical and sporty feel. You're a Potter head, you can only associate magical things to Harry Potter. This isn't even an enchanted place. Or so you think. And after taking in the grandness of the palace, you sit on the side. You're thinking of your next moves. Should you enter the palace? Or should you just look around outside for more minutes. But you don't want to miss any details that can help you complete your mission. Just then, in the silence, you can hear the grandson's voice. He's calling out to anyone who's looking for him. He's talking about not looking for him anymore. But you can sense something else in his voice. And this makes you stand up.

So in an instant, you're back to your motivated self and you continue working on the mission. You may have no idea who's the person you're trying to save. But you know things will all work out in the end. So you just have to keep on moving. Play Dragon Palace outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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