Double Room Escape Game

Double Room Escape

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Double Room Escape is a game developed by Games4king. Assume you had just bought your own new flat. It was a small flat which contained two rooms. On the first day of your day there you couldn't feel yourself as weel as you planned. The walls were not painted to your gustation and the furnitures were at disturbing places. You decided to renovate it totally. A couple of weeks later when the workers put down their instruments and handed over the keys of the fully renovated house you laid down to your sofa and watched the tv all day long, enjoying the new surroundings. Suddenly your phone rang. It was a worker asking you to pass his hammer to him because he left it in the bathroom. You got dressed and were ready to leave but found the entrance locked and the leys were already missing. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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