Dismal House Escape Game

Dismal House Escape

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You didn't know when it all started but you just can't get enough of dismal houses. There were just something in them that you wanted to capture in your camera. Likewise the feeling of being inside these kinds of houses stirred something in you. So you prepared an album solely for the houses. You were even planning to make a blog for it. Your friends were wondering why but some of them actually joined you. You formed a group with members who were willing to seek out houses. But not all the houses you visited were totally empty. Sometimes you would hear some strange noises and even things moving on their own. But since there were many of you, you were braver. However, not all the time your friends could accompany you. The creepy stuffs must have scared some of them away.

Then again, you didn't let any of these affect you. You had the goal of visiting as much dismal house as possible. In the future, you might even hold an exhibit for all your photographs. But entering houses didn't come without any risks. Sometimes leaving was such a breeze. Other times it becomes a huge challenge. Play Dismal House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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