Discover The Timber Star Game

Discover The Timber Star

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It was such a sad situation to see the father of the church leave the world of the living. However, it is worth a celebration for his reunion with the father in heaven. Three months ago, you couldn't see anyone laughing. All you can see are sad smiles and awkward greetings. It seems like nobody wants to talk being afraid to bring up death and causing sadness. But as times go by, people slowly adjusts to the situation. Then they begin talking to each other often and are not afraid to be happy anymore. So your heart lightens up as you gradually start to feel the happiness come back to the place. It's the best time for it to come back as Christmas is coming. And Christmas should always be celebrated with smiles and laughter. One of the things that you always need to have is the timber star.

As you're getting ready to celebrate with the timber star, you realize that it's not in it's proper place. The father of the church usually places it in one place alone. But someone must have used it and placed it somewhere else. So look for the timber star in order to give a proper prayer and celebration of Christmas. Play Discover The Timber Star room escape game by Enagames.


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