Dilapidated Hall Escape Game

Dilapidated Hall Escape

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You were sent out for a mission by your headquarters. They've seen how well you planned for the placing of the costumers inside a building. You placed them there so they can easily escape from disasters. They really liked the way you explained the causes and reasons for your actions. The board felt that you can handle more than just planning. So they made a simulation for you put your plans into actions. You find it surprising to hear. You're not the type to do physical tasks but you can't refuse it. Despite your hesitations, you also wanted to try out your skills and maybe your capacities will just show themselves. So you went and work on the task. When your fellow members came to check on you, they were in such a panic. They radioed you over and over but you were too busy to answer.

After stopping for a while, you noticed your radio and answered them. They were asking you of your whereabouts. You found it weird since you followed their directions. However, you miscalculated the distance and ended up inside a real dilapidated hall. This structure was in danger of collapsing. Play Dilapidated Hall Escape room escape game by The Escape Games and successfully finish the task.

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