Detective Sir Biscuit - Green Burger Mystery Game

Detective Sir Biscuit - Green Burger Mystery
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The street food restaurants have been spreading rapidly around the world and they are really popular among the people. Sir Biscuit a local chef have decided to open a burger restaurant in the middle of the downtown. For his biggest surprise while he was searching for the perfect location he bumped into a cozy burger bar. It offered a wide range of burgers for the customers. Its speciality, the green burger, attracted  visitors from all around the country. So Biscuit decided to enter and try out this notorious food. While he was munching the tasty delicacy the shop became empty and the doors became locked. Search for hidden objects and solve puzzles to get him out somehow. Best of luck!

  1. Date: May 22, 2016
    Author: dewed
    Too much conversation to click through.

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