Desert Man Escape Game

Desert Man Escape

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Desert Man Escape is a point and click game from The Escape Games. Imagine you are a volunteer for a company which run aid-stations in a very poor country in Africa. One day your boss asked you to travel into a region where people lived in terrible conditions and it was hit by a heavy flood. Your job was to distribute food amongst the people there. The next day you were on a plane heading to that country. When you arrived the police warned you to be cautious because kidnappers roamed around the country who could even keep somebody inprisoned for years without proper exchange of money. Arriving to the village in the middle of the desert you started your job immediately. At night you became extremely tired and set out to the nearby town where your hotel situated. On your way there a car forced you down from the road. Getting out of the car they hit you on your head and you fell unconscious. You woke up in a small house which was locked. Probably the kidnappers wanted to earn money on you too in exchange with your family. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape somehow. Good luck!



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