Desert Camp Escape Game

Desert Camp Escape

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You've been through the snowy mountains and through the sunny beaches as well. Every time you visit any of the places, you truly enjoy them. It's like seeing something new every time even though you may have returned to these places countless of times. Your friend commented on how he sees the same place each time he looks at your updated pictures. So he suggested a new place. This place is quite out of your comfort zone as you've never been here. Still, you can't miss exploring such places. Then off you went to a desert camp. This is one of the rare camps set up by organizations for their members. But your friend got an easy entrance because their family owns a share of the organization. You can't let opportunities like these pass you by. So you took up the challenge and head out to the desert.

There you saw what you have just seen in books. However, it was not as bad as there as still some structures found. Here, you can take shelter from the extreme heat of the sun. You totally enjoyed walking around in the sand but you've noticed fewer people every time. So you decided to stop walking around and you realized you're alone. Find a way out of Desert Camp Escape outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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