Desert Adventure Game

Desert Adventure

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After experiencing the cold of Japan, you went to another country to experience the heat of the desert. It's just for fun and for the contrast of temperature. You don't want vacation to end so you plan to make use of the days wisely. And by wisely you mean being on a different place as much as possible. You can always go home but going out is quite a challenge. You plan this trip with your best friend. Everything is polished already and all of you have to do is to ride the plane to start your adventure. A few hours before boarding, she informs you that can't go. She has an urgent meeting that'll determine the rest of her life. You try so hard to understand her as she's an heiress. But it still doesn't stop the disappointment you feel from being alone.

Still, you push through with your travel. You arrive at your destination safe and sound. Yet you can't believe you'll be taking on the desert alone. You wish to change your plans and just visit other places instead. But doing so will just make you feel more disappointed. So you take on the challenge of the desert and end up being lost. Play Desert Adventure outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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