Deluxe House 5 Game

Deluxe House 5

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You brought this house five years ago. Within the span of five years, this was the first time you had problems with the door. You sat on the floor trying to recall what happened before the door started to become faulty. Then you remembered breaking a vase on the living room. It came with the house and looked beautiful that you kept it. But while you were cleaning, you accidentally knocked it off the counter. It fell with a huge crash and you even cut yourself. Since then, it seemed like things inside the house are slowly breaking apart. You had your maintenance go back and forth fixing one thing at a time. You wished to pick him up today as well. But your door won't budge even the slightest. The electricity lines were under repair as well. So you just tried to figure things on your own.

However, it seemed like you need to do more than just trying to fix the door. You remembered that the vase had something inside which you kept somewhere. Maybe that could lead you to figuring out a way to escape your house. So start getting to know more of your furniture and maybe then you'll find a way out. Play Deluxe House 5 room escape game by 5n Games.

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