Deer Rescue From Root Cave Game

Deer Rescue From Root Cave

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There is a massive tree in the forest that you always look up to. You always want to lie down under this tree while you were watching the deers go by. This is your own definition of peace. Not only that, this scene also calms you down. However, while you were watching one deer goes by, you noticed that he didn't come back. You want to know what happened to it so you went to the same direction where he went. To your surprise, you found out that this tree already formed a cave. Because of the massive roots of the tree, the deer can't get out from it. You have to help the deer to escape from the root cave. Good thing that there are items in this forest that you can use to help the deer.

However, you still need to roam around to collect those items. You can also find clues along the way which can help you to rescue the beautiful deer. His freedom is in your hands so you have to do your best to solve this puzzle. Deer Rescue From Root Cave is the newest room escape game from Avm Games. Good luck and have fun!

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