Darker Room Escape Game

Darker Room Escape

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More than anything else, you are afraid of the dark room. It's where most horror stories take place. Likewise, when it's dark you don't what'll pop out or take you in. However, you forget about all your fears when you see the famous theme park. One of its famous attractions is the Dark Room. You know it's just a theme park and the people here will do everything to ensure the safety of their guest. So you bravely stand in line with the rest of the visitors. However, you notice that they go in groups while you're alone. You're thinking they might pair you up with someone going alone as well. But it doesn't happen in this attraction. If you come alone, then you'll ride alone. Upon realizing this, you instantly want to run outside. But it's quite late for you to do so.

The room is getting darker by the minute. All you can hear are the whispers of the groups of people walking deeper. Then in the silence you can hear sudden screams and nervous laughs. You want to get out of here fast but you need to get past the challenges first. Play Darker Room Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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