Daredevil House Escape 2 Game

Daredevil House Escape 2

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The second Daredevil House Escape episode has arrived from Games 2 Rule. This is a horror escaping game where you have to get out as quickly as possible! The story of this game that one day a mysterious crater was found in the middle of your town, probably some kind of meteorite should had produced it. The inhabitants started to spread the rumour that an alien ship made this pageant and the creature was hiding in an abandoned building in the suburb of the town. You decided to finish the unfounded rumours and set out to explore this frightening place. When you got inside you didn't find that what you had expected. It was the den of some zombies and scary creatures. You wanted to run out but unfortunately found the entrance locked which you had used to come in. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Have fun!



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