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A clean water to drink is all you need but you don't have it at home. Thankfully, the dam is just nearby your house. However, everyone knows that you can't go there to get a glass of water. On the other note, your thirst won't leave you alone so you sneaked into the dam to get a fresh glass of clean water. You didn't regret your decision until the dam's gate locked. Moments later, the lights are also out. You are alone in this dark dam. The thing is, you can't ask anyone for help because the management can charge you with trespassing if they find out. You rather escape from this dam than to escape from jail.

With this, you have to gather everything that you need to open the door. You also need to look for clues that can help you to solve all the puzzles along the way. But the most important thing that you need to use is your logic. Because of this, you have to think very hard so you can complete this puzzle as soon as possible. Play this brand new point n' click escape game from Enagames and think of a quick way to escape from this Dam. Good luck!

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