Cute Snail Escape Game

Cute Snail Escape

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Cute Snail Escape is a point ' n click game from Games 4 King. Imagine you are a crazy scientist who developed a new serum which could transform anybody into a human being who could be capable of read other people toughts in their head without any words. One day you got home from the mall when you realized the serum which was kept in a bottle was spilled onto the floor and a snail was sipping the last drops of it up. By the time you wanted to prevent his action the last drop was already in his body. You decided to seal of the animal into a cage and extract the precious liquid from its body the next day because it was a long and elaborate process. The next day when you were ready to get back the serum from its blood system you realized the snail was not there where you had put it before. Probably the small animal managed to read in your head and hided away from you. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find the cage along with the creature. Good luck!



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