Cute Baby Escape Game

Cute Baby Escape

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Cute Baby Escape is the escape game from Games 2 Attack. Imagine you are a baby-sitter at a wealthy family. The parents have just celebrated their wedding anniversary and planned to go abroad to spend a week there. During the journey they put you in charge to take care of their little daughter whole day long for a week. On a sunny morning they left to the airport and you started your one week commission. But you were a lazy person and as you became alone you took your phone and started a conversation with your best girlfriend. While you were speaking with her the baby managed to get out of her doll's bed and started to explore the house. She found the key of the entrance and locked it, then hided the key somewhere. In the meantime your girlfriend arrived because you invited her to spend the afternoon with you, but couldn't open the door for her. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to open the door. Good luck!



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