Cubicle Bedrooms Game

Cubicle Bedrooms

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Your best friend invites you to accompany her in choosing a bedroom. She's currently building her house and she wants every space to be her. She always has a lot of opinions when it comes to the way her house should look. However, sometimes she has second thoughts and needs someone to converse with her. So she chooses you and you both visit many shops. You can't believe there are shops for bedrooms. All the while you're thinking you can just buy each piece for your bedroom. But your friend is looking for a specific motif. That's why she goes around to find her perfect inspiration. You try entering a Japanese themed room. You are falling in love with the tatami mats but your friend is finding it hard to stand up. So you move on to another room. This one has beds which is what your friend prefers.

It's presented as a room that is already used with the realistic props. The bedroom is unique and your interest is at its highest. You look at your friend and she can't help smiling as well. She walks out to find the salesperson. You're all alone as you explore the rest of the room. When you try to follow your friend out, you simply can't. Play Cubicle Bedrooms room escape game by Ajaz Games.

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