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Crystal Ruins 3

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The Crystal Ruins is famous across the province because of the crystals that strangely grew inside and around it. People see this place as a sanctuary of sorts and many came to bask in beauty of these crystals. Nobody knew how these crystals formed but because the building used to be a laboratory, it's not so much as a mystery to anyone anymore. Three highschool friends have been enjoying these crystals when they though of exploring the building. They went one weekend and were aghast to see what it was like inside the building. Exploring the rooms, they went further down the basement only to find a horrible discovery. People are encased inside the crystals and who knows how long? The Crystal Ruins have been around before they were born.

Very good news! Ainars made a new game for Escape Fan. It plays in an abandoned building where you have to find crystals and solve puzzles.

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