Crystal Clear Lake Escape Game

Crystal Clear Lake Escape

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Crystal Clear Lake Escape is known for its crystals. However, no one had been very patient enough to acquire some of these crystals. They usually just try for a few minutes and after that they leave. What they didn't know was that the more they had stayed, the easier it would have been. These crystals somehow reacts to the pressure on the ground when someone stands on it. But most people were always in a hurry. And the crystals never made it on the surface. The person stuck on the area told you about this. However, the person may not be able to return for a while due to his injuries. So you had all the chances to get the crystals yourself. You just needed to stay on the area long enough. That was what he made you think.

There were more things to do than just wait for the crystals to appear. You had noticed there were many items scattered and some things with missing pieces. You pieced these things together. And you understood what you needed to do. Play Crystal Clear Lake Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape to acquire the crystals that eluded the finders. Good luck!

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