Creepy Hollow Game

Creepy Hollow

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You're a loner and a very silent person as well. Some people can't take the thought of being alone. You on the other hand, can't take the thought of being with people. You simply don't feel comfortable around them. But with the nature of your work, you have to face them. Sometimes you even act like it's interesting. Yet in fact it's not. You also don't like having to deal with their problems. It's like an unnecessary burden for you. But you don't know what else to do. All your life, people doing this job surrounds. And so you're expected to perform this job as well. It's a very crazy idea and an imprisoning one. However, this job gives good pay. So you swallow everything that you don't like about the job and continue as if everything's fine.

You're hoping that if you continue to make your mind believe that things are fine, it will be. Yet it's not that easy. It's like most of the time you're challenged if you could really keep up. And it's not fun anymore. So when these times come, you usually go somewhere far. This time you find yourself inside Creepy Hollow. It's getting dark and the place is getting creepier. Creepy Hollow is an outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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