Creepy Basement Escape Episode 1 Game

Creepy Basement Escape Episode 1

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The basement is one of the creepiest parts of the house because it's dark. But not only that, you don't know what lies there when it's night time. You were watching your favorite horror movie when you heard something from your basement. You are sure that it is not a cat because you don't have a cat. In fact, you don't have any pets. That sound really bothers you but you don't want to check it. But moments later, the sound just got louder and louder. You can't take it anymore so even though you are scared, you still went down. You grabbed your flashlight so that you can see clearly but it dropped on the down. Now, you don't have anything to use. You can't go back because it's too dark so you just planned to find the light switch.

However, it's not the light switch that you found. You found a big rat and that's where the sound came from. You are happy that it's not a ghost so you can get back up in the living room peacefully. But the problem is, the door won't open. The key is just somewhere in the basement and you have to find it to escape. Play Creepy Basement Escape Episode 1 room escape game from Mouse City and Hidden Key Games then go to the possible places where you can find the key. Good luck!


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