Crazy Car Garage Game

Crazy Car Garage

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As you're travelling on the road, your car suddenly ran into trouble. So you have to find a garage where you can park it and have it fixed. Then you find this garage on the side of the street where you park your car. It's a decent garage with staffs managing the place. So you let them have a look at your car and fix it. While they're working on the car, you roamed around the place. After a little while, you went back to the car. It's looking spic and span. As you're getting ready to leave, you notice that your key isn't with you. You try looking around the car as you may have dropped it. Then you move out and trace the path you've taken. However, your crazy search turns up nothing. But you can't stop looking for it.

So you move around the place once more. When it's getting too hard for you, you talk to the front desk. Nothing comes free in this place and you need to acquire the cash on the spot. Your wallet's stuck inside as well. This makes you explore the place so much more than you originally would have done. Play Crazy Car Garage room escape game by Mirchigames.


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