Cozy House Escape Game

Cozy House Escape

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Alright, it was a foolish idea. You'd been renting this apartment until the last two weeks. Your contract was over and you'd found a better one, so you moved there. However, the owner of this place forgot to ask back the keys and you didn't want to bother with taking it back to him, so you kept them. It was only on this week, that you realised you left one of your favourite suits in the apartment. You decided to go back and use your key to get in and out. Of course you knocked on the door before you opened it. There was no answer, so you used the key. You were just about to leave, when you hear someone coming. You didn't know what to say, sou you thought you should hide. It was the owner. Oh no, you left the key on the table and he found it. He left and locked the door.

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