Cowboy Lighthouse Escape Game

Cowboy Lighthouse Escape
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Cowboy Minho haven't been to the city lately. He usually stays in the country. The farthest place he had been to is the edge of the forest. So you invited him to explore the concrete jungle. You set up a tour for him. The tour went smoothly for at least half of the day. Sunset is coming near and you want to show him the view on the lighthouse. But when you turned around, he was nowhere in sight. You panicked until he appeared in the corner. You sighed relief and you continue your tour to the lighthouse. The sun is setting quickly so you quickened your pace. You turned to look at him but again he was out of sight. You waited a little for him to show up but he didn't. Many minutes passed and he was still not around. So you started your search for the cowboy.

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