Under Construction House Escape 2 Game

Under Construction House Escape 2

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All your hard work has finally paid off. After 10 years of hardships, you finally saved enough money to fulfill your dream house and it’s already under construction. You are curious to find out the progress of your new house so you went to the site to check out what's happening. You are definitely impressed with what you saw. A tear almost dropped when you saw that your dream house is almost done. However, there are still some finishing touches needed to be done. You went inside the construction to see the details but you have no idea that the door is not yet polished. You thought that it's all good and with this in mind, you closed the door. But what you didn't know is that the door knob was not yet installed. You can’t get out of the under construction house.

It’s late night and the construction workers already went home so you are alone inside the house. Find a way to escape from this house. Collect items that you can use to unlock the door and find clues on how you can solve this puzzle. Under Construction House Escape 2 is the newest room escape game from First Escape Game. Enjoy!

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