Clock Tower Escape Game

Clock Tower Escape

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It's time to end this. Your arch enemy and you have been fighting to rule this city, for a long time. Your super powers seems to be equal, so you'll need something else. Use your brain. You set a trap in the clock tower and gave a false information through one of his minions, that you're lying wounded in the tower. Meanwhile, you hid well and waited for the right moment to ambush him. You've waited for hours now, but he's still not here. Maybe he didn't take the bait. Let's leave. What the...? It's locked! It seems you fell in your own trap. Now he's planning to burn down the building. Escape! Good luck!

  1. Date: July 20, 2015
    Author: dewed
    Sliding puzzle got me. I get down to where 2 are out of place and can't fix it.
  2. Date: July 20, 2015
    Author: Drifter
    I have a problem with all enagames.. They crash while loading and the error report says my flashplayer is out of date. It is not I automatically update flashplayer as soon as a new version comes out. Please address this?

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