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Clash On The Bus

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You can't believe this is happening. Your daughter left your house with a shining smile on her face. She said she'll be home early so you both can watch your favorite daily vlog together. You even promised to bring home yummy snacks. It was like a perfect day unfolding in front of you. The day went on smoothly. You head to your work and even finished most of the reports required of you. The smile of your daughter flashed in your mind and you can't help but smile as well. It may be a rare event but your daughter messaged you that she can't wait to be home. You replied that you won't forget the snacks. If only her mom was still around, she'd be happier. But you're really thankful that your daughter has the positive attitude your wife had. You logged out as soon as work finishes.

Then you went straight to your favorite place for snacks. You were in line waiting to pay when your phone rang. You looked at the caller and it was your daughter. Immediately you answered the phone only to hear your daughter asking for help. You dropped the snacks and instantly dashed to where she was. Then a horde of zombies greeted you. Play Clash On The Bus outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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