City Park House Escape Game

City Park House Escape

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You were meeting up with a friend at a park on a weekend. However, the park was a few hours drive from your home. So you booked for a house near the park to spend the weekend there. Although it was situated in a city, the location was not too noisy. You may be surrounded by concrete, but it seemed peaceful. You were even wondering where the people were. Houses on this area were quite strange. They had a lock from the outside. So when burglars come in, they won't be able to escape. You were completely aware of this. But when you were preoccupied with the supplies, you forgot to turn the knob. It clicked shut without your knowing. You spent the remaining time scanning the channels on the television. Just then a message came in. It was your friend and he was ready to meet you.

You stood up and got ready to go out. However, when you tried to turn the knob, it didn't budge. You gave it a little shake then tried once more. Still the knob was immovable. You slapped your forehead when you remembered how you forgot to turn the knob when you entered the house. Now you have to find another way to leave. Play City Park House Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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