Chinese Architectural House Escape Game

Chinese Architectural House Escape

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The is Chinese Architectural House so old yet so fancy. Everything in here is fragile so you must be careful with every move you make. Not all people has the privilege to visit this Chinese Architectural House so you are indeed very lucky. However, you can't take pictures of the things around here due to security reasons. But that is not the only rule in this house, you also can't touch anything in the place especially the antique ones. You wish you knew this when you went inside. You found a cool jar in the house and without second thought, you grabbed it. Unfortunately, it slipped through your hands. The good thing is there are no guards around that time and nobody heard the breakage. On the other note, the evidence is still there. And that evidence sure is expensive.

The culture here is so strict so now, you surely know that you are in big trouble. You must find a way to escape from the Chinese Architectural House while you still got time. Play Chinese Architectural House room escape game by Games 2 Rule. Look for hints that can help you to escape in this house as soon as possible. Good luck!

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