Chicks Hide and Seek Escape 20 Game

Chicks Hide and Seek Escape 20
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Chicks Hide and Seek Escape 20 is Japanese game from Yuuri. Assume you are a farmer who had been dealing with breeding the most beautiful and healthy chicks in the country. One day you managed to win a competition amongst farmers in your area who entered their small animals to conquer a trophy by the health and the scale of the well-groomed of the birds. The next week several people wanted to buy the young birds from you on high price. You refused all of the bid because they became the part of your life and couldn't get rid of them soo easy. One day you got home from the supermarket when you realized the chick were not in their cage. You started to investigate in the village and the clues led you to one of your friends. He had been jealous of your successes for years and he stole the chicks to earn the same results. Find hidden object and solve puzzles to release the animals and guide them home. Good luck and have fun!



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