Chestnut Forest Escape Game

Chestnut Forest Escape

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This time, you brought more stuff to explore the Chestnut Forest. The townsfolk pays good money for rare species of mushrooms, all types of berries, and wild game. It would seem like an easy job but Chestnut Forest is plagued with evil magic.  Furthermore, the effects of evil magic sticks to anyone and if nothing happens to them in the forest, it will happen in their homes. One reason that you keep coming back to that forest is because you're immune to this evil magic. Nobody knows that you have your grandfather's amulet who is secretly a sorcerer.

You have your camping gear with you as you trek the forest and sticking close to the river. Finding a spot, you immediately setup camp. You pull ou two empty sacks and started exploring for anything good you can find. You're trying to calm down for a little because you can feel an energy following you at the back. Turning around to confront it, you suddenly find yourself in a cage. Find a way to get out fast!

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  1. Date: August 29, 2015
    Author: Lucinda
    scenery is nice, easy game for beginners

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