Chapelle Backyard Escape Game

Chapelle Backyard Escape

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It seems like you want to explore every nooks and crannies you can find around your area. It's been only a year since you transferred here. But you were already able to get into places even the locals haven't been to. Sometimes it's because of the forbidden places. Other times because you don't ask permission to enter abandoned places. Your reason is that, these are abandoned. So it's like no one owns them anymore. So to whom should you ask permission to enter? However, you still gets into trouble when concerned neighbors see what you're doing. They know you're not going around to steal things. But they just worry about your safety. You can get pretty careless at times and end up hurting yourself. Then it's your neighbors who would fix you up or even bring you to a clinic. You appreciate them a lot.

But other times, you wish they would just leave you alone and let you take on your adventures. This time, you find yourself in Chapelle Backyard. This is one of those places where upon looking at it, you can already feel something creepy and mysterious inside. You invited yourself in. Chapelle Backyard Escape is an outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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