Castle Museum Escape Game

Castle Museum Escape

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Castle is your dream house and to be a princess is your ultimate dream. You always want to see a what a real castle looks like and it's finally possible because the abandoned castle is now open to the public. It's good that the government turned it into a Castle Museum. In here, you can see the pictures of the kings and queens and everything about this castle. The castle is so huge. In fact, there are more than 30 rooms in here. But not only that, there's a speculation that there is a secret room inside this castle and that's what you need to discover. The secret room was said to contain hidden treasures. You roamed around the castle then you saw a small door. You entered that door and hoped that it's the secret room but it's not.

It's just the Castle Museum's stockroom and it contains old paintings. Nevertheless, those are still treasures. You laughed your way out but the door won't open. The key to the door is somewhere in the room. You have to find that key to escape from the Castle Museum. Play Castle Museum Escape outdoor escape game by 143 Guys and find clues that can lead you to the key. Have fun!

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