Carpenter Home Escape Game

Carpenter Home Escape

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Carpenter Home Escape is game developed by The Escape Games. Imagine you are a detective who had been working on a case which included a homicide and a bank robbery too. All of your workmates had already dropped the case because every clue led to a dead end, so you took on the mission and started a wholly new investigation. After getting some essential information from the beginning the clues led you somewhere strange. You couldn't believe your eyes when you pulled over with your car in front of the house of the so-called master of the underworld. It was your brother's house who theoretically was a carpenter. You sneaked into the house in order to search for clues which could prove his guiltiness. You were fumbling around the wooden items which was presumably a disguise of his criminal life when suddenly you heared somebody arrived home. You wanted to leave without anybody notices you but couldn't use the entry anymore. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make an other way out. Good luck!



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