Carlos And The Murder Farm Game

Carlos And The Murder Farm
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Carlos is back with another mission. This time it has something to do with a murder he witnessed. Or at least heard as he was out of the barn. Whatever happened there, he was sure there was a murder because of the blood he saw. However, he won't be able to prove anything until he gets from one place to the other. As a detective, he is expected to solve various mysteries and even easily answer puzzles. Then again, he's also human and is prone to mistakes. So you invited yourself to this case. To have someone join your case surely is annoying as well. But you somehow want to share his responsibilities once in a while. More than colleagues, you are friends. So you care about his business on professional and personal levels. And thankfully he agrees with you and lets you come along.

The barn you're in doesn't look suspicious at all. The barn's just locked. Yet besides that, you can't really tell something gruesome happened there. Still, you can't have just speculations and you know you need to investigate. So you and Carlos begin your work. Play Carlos and the Murder Farm adventure game by Mouse City and activate your mind.


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