Cannibal Pygmy Escape Game

Cannibal Pygmy Escape

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Cannibal Pygmy Escape is a escaping game developed by Xtra Gamingz. Imagine you are an addicted traveller who had been roaming the forests and the meadows of the country for years. One day you and your friends devised to visit a place which was rumoured by your workmates. They said it siuated depp inside a forest and could be approached just by a steep cliff. The next week you were already on your way there. When you arrived it was truely as spectacular as they described. Thex view was breathtaking and the air was fresh. You were standing on the edge of the cliff when suddenly you heared strange sounds. You glanced a small hut nearby and you went inside to check what was this. Entering to the house you realized it was some kind of creature that generated this sound. You wanted to leave but found the entrance locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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