Can You Escape Locked House Game

Can You Escape Locked House
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Everyday, you wake up early to walk around the neighborhood. You take one street at a time as you can easily get lost. But today, you're feeling a bit more adventurous. You take up an alley that's not even visible in Google Maps. You pass by this alley everyday but you always lack time when it comes to exploring it. So today's route will be that alley. You don't know much about the roads here so walking around blocks helps. At the end of the alley is a house. You can't really tell the design of the house. It's like a mixed of various eras. You walk around it curious as to what the inspiration might be. Then suddenly, you can hear this muffled cry. You look through the windows but you really need to be inside to know where it's coming from.

However, the owner's not around. Breaking into someone's house can make you a hero tainted with negative statements. So instead you call out to the person. The cries are coming from a boy somewhere inside. You don't want to wait longer for someone to open the door. So you find your own way in. Play Can You Escape Locked House outdoor escape game by 5n Games.

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