Can You Escape Ruined Castle Game

Can You Escape Ruined Castle
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You always thought that ruined castle contain creepy stories within them. And because of this, you enjoy walking inside as long as it's daylight. You can't do this when it's night time. You easily freak out with the shadows and noises in the dark. While walking along an unfamiliar road, you see this ruined castle. It's lonely on the side of the road. You walk closer and notice that there aren't any new tracks on the ground. The only footsteps you see are your own. You move towards the door to open it. It makes a creaking sound giving you goosebumps. You shake the creepy feeling off as you want to explore what's inside. Then a soft cry enters your ears. You look around to search for the source of the sound. It's an old castle. So a lot of things inside can make that noise.

It doesn't have to be ghosts. You keep telling yourself this. But you can't keep the pictures of ghosts out of your mind. So you try calling out to whoever is inside. To your surprise, someone answers you. You instantly call out once more to find the location. But it takes more than just hearing the voice to find the location of the girl. Play Can You Escape Ruined Castle outdoor escape game by 5n Games.

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