Who Can Escape Locked House 10 Game

Who Can Escape Locked House 10
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You recently lost you job of 5 years; the company you worked for declared bankruptcy. You tried applying for several jobs referred to you by friends but none of them would hire you. In your desperation, you tried looking for jobs at your local newspaper's classified ads section. Several days passed and then suddenly you came across something. A very unusual ad that wrote: Who can escape Locked House 10?

You got curious and immediately wrote down the number accompanied with the ad. You sent a message to the mobile phone number from the ad and inquired about the posting; to this the person on the other replied with an address.

The next day, you took off heading towards the address that the sender gave you.
The rules are simple: get out of the house.
Almost 40+ people tried to apply for the posting but none of them got out...can you?

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