Can You Escape Baby Panda Game

Can You Escape Baby Panda
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Pandas are undeniably cute. You think that your job as a caretaker of these pandas is the coolest job in the world. Many people want to have your job but you are the lucky person to get this. You have a chance to feed them and to get close to them. These pandas are so irresistible and this is the reason why you're finding it hard to leave their cage. These pandas are so sweet. In fact, they don't want you to leave just yet. They held your legs like they don't want you to go forever. But they have to sleep just as you need to rest. Tomorrow is another day but they don't understand that. A trivia about these pandas is that they have a high IQ. They can lock the door and that's what they did so you can't escape from the cage.

You love to stay but you really have to go. They hid the key and you have to find that key to open the door. There are clues around the cage that can help you to locate the key. Play Can You Escape Baby Panda outdoor escape game by 5n Games and use your logic to escape. Have fun!

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