Camp Woodchuck Game

Camp Woodchuck

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The idea of camps always excites you. But not just any other camps. These are camps where you get to meet friends and share common interests. It doesn't happen at your place and you only have movies to know what it's like. So you promised yourself that you'll find yourself a camp to join sooner or later. And then opportunity presented itself and you accepted. It's in Camp Woodchuck. It's one of the camps you wished to attend was held. You thought you'll never get to experience camping here. But it's not too late to try it out. You gathered your stuffs and followed the rules you've acquired by watching and reading about camps. It was easier said than done though. You felt like you'll be needing a thing when you're about to leave it. It took you such a long time to prepare. But now, done.

You sang camp songs along the way and you can't help but smile ear to ear. It's coming true! Your life long dream. You stepped out of the bus and smelled the fresh scent of nature. The trip made all of you tired. So you hit the hay early. You woke up to find your camp mates were no longer around. Camp Woodchuck is an outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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