Buuka of Southern Island: Episode 50 Game

Buuka of Southern Island: Episode 50
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Buuka of Southern Island: Episode 50 is cute Japanese escape game series from Coconuts Park. Imagine you are a crazy scientist who had been working on a bomb which could transport the whole world into a fictitious world and the inhabitants into pigs because you were an addicted big lover. One day finally you managed to finish this lethal weapon which could restore the balance on the world and delete the money and every selfish factor that ruined the honour of the humanity. You called every of your friends before you pushed the starting button to inform them about your plan. They wanted to dissuade you about the plan but it was already too late. The bomb exploded and the lethal virus spreaded over the world. The next day you friends came over to your house to persuade you to develop an antidote to put the world to right. Find the hidden objects and solve puzzles to devise something together. Good luck!



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