Buried Forest Escape Game

Buried Forest Escape

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Good thing the moon was shining bright that night. You walked around the cabin you were staying at thinking if you would still want to be a witch. Your thoughts were somewhere else leaving the keys inside. Out of nowhere, a strong wind blew and your door slammed shut. You hurried towards it hoping to open it. However, it was shut tight. You were out in the cool breeze of the night. And instead of just standing there idly, you searched the surroundings for things that can help you.  Then again, magic made your house. And only something magical can also have an effect to it. So you looked through the little hiding places of things that you can put together to open the door. There must be some pixies playing some tricks on you for the objects just seemed to be missing.

Then you sat on the ground. You concentrated so much on your surrounding so you can feel their presence. And then you realized they were just sitting alongside you. You laughed a little at their faces but then you remembered you needed to get out of this forest. So off you went to continue your search. Play Buried Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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