Brainy Escape Game

Brainy Escape

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They're here. Your real family. See that green light coming through the window? It's from their spaceship. You've always had a strange feeling that you doesn't belong to this planet. You discovered super abilities like: seeing through walls, reading people's mind. In the beginning it was scary, but as time passed you got used to it and started to enjoy it. Last week, a meteor landed next to your house. It was a device. When you touched it, a hologram came out of it. A hologram of a man, who looked a lot like you. He said he was your father and finally managed to find you after all those years. He promised to come and pick you up in a few days. Now they're here. What is this? The doors are stucked. How? No, they will leave if you don't go out. Hurry!


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