Brain Stealer Game

Brain Stealer

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You're the tracks of the so-called "Brain Stealer". Nobody really have seen him. However, reports about him have spread when a hospital complained about the brains of the cadavers going missing. Some people who might not be familiar with your job might end up laughing so hard about this crazy news. But your department can't even find a single joke with this happening. There was once a time when your department had to fight the other "stealers". It was a long and tiring fight. Your group were on the very ends of their wits trying to stop something worse from happening. And after a few fallen comrades, you won and peace was restored for a century. Now, another group of "stealers" might be lurking around. They might be planning to leave a bigger impact now that they have rested for a century.

You know you need to get to the bottom of this fast. You can't let them strategically plan for their consumption to last them another century. So you head over to where the incident is taking place. At once you see their trademark. But you smoothly cover it up to not cause panic as you begin your work. Play Brain Stealer room adventure game by Mouse City.


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