Boy Rescue from Woodland Game

Boy Rescue from Woodland

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You had a great hike today and now, you are ready to go home. You feel refreshed and renewed by the hike and you are so happy about it. But not only that, you really enjoyed the silence in this Woodland. But not long after, the sweet silence stopped when you heard a cry . It's too creepy to hear a cry of a little boy in the middle of the woods. However, your concern dominated in your heart. So even though it's scary, you still went through the woods to find where the sound is coming from. Thankfully, it is not a ghost, it is a real boy who is lost in the woodland. He really cries too hard and he looks really scared and fortunately, you are here to rescue him. But the truth is, you also don't know how to get out from the woods.

You must not let the boy know about this so continue to walk and find clues that can help you to locate the right path. You must build confidence for the boy and also for yourself. Believe that you can make this escape. Play Boy Rescue from Woodland outdoor escape game by Avm Games and do your best to escape. Good luck!

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