Blue Warehouse Escape Episode 2 Game

Blue Warehouse Escape Episode 2

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Thankfully, the front door is now working properly. And the good news is, you now have an extra key for the warehouse. So now, you are confident to go inside the warehouse. And again, your boss asked you to do some errands in the warehouse. You are ready to do anything knowing that you have a key but things happen. You forgot your key at your desk and suddenly, the door won't open again. Your boss will get mad at you for your negligence. Therefore, you have to think your own way to escape again from the Blue Warehouse. Your boss should not know anything about this so you have to be quick. Plus, he is waiting for you to finish the errand.

The bad news is, the things that you used before is not in the room anymore. But on the good note, there are new items in the room that you can use to escape. Same thing as you did before, you have to think of a way on how to use those items as an escape tool. Blue Warehouse Escape Episode 2 is the second time that you have to prove that you can nail this room escape game from Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. Good luck!


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