Big Den Escape Episode 4 Game

Big Den Escape Episode 4

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Big Den Escape Episode 4 is game from Games 2 Rule. Imagine you are a scientist who have been trying to develop the antidote of the cancer for years. One day you tought your found the perfect ingredient of the medicine which could be extracted from the trunk of a special tree. You immediately set out with your scientist friend to find from this kind of tree and roamed deep into the nearby forest. Finally you managed to come across to the subject and you started your chemical experiments. You were working there for hours when suddenly you heared screams coming from nearby. You went to check w hat was going on andglanced a cave. Probably the sounds must had come from there. You could not approach it because a big pond was laying in front of it. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to create a way into the cave. Good luck!



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