Big Den Escape Episode 3 Game

Big Den Escape Episode 3

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Big Den Escape Episode 3 is a point and click escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. Imagine you are a biologist who had been experimenting on trees for years. Your goal was to find a solution to increase the growth of this plants and reduce the time of their growing. One day you got a phone call from one of your best friends. He invited you to his country because he tought the perfect serum was developed by him. The next day you were already on a plane heading there. When you arrived at first you headed to him, then together you went to the forest. You were experimenting with the material when suddenly you heared sounds coming from nearby. It sounded as if somebody was locked inside a cage and shouted for help. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find out what was going on. Good luck and have fun!



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