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Congratulations! Today is the bestowal of the crown and the king is ready to bestow it on you. You deserve to be the new king of this palace but someone thinks he is more deserving than you. Jealousy is never good especially if you are trying to unite kingdoms. Your uncle wants to be the king from the very start but he can't have the crown if you are there. Because of this, he put a lock at your door so you can't attend the ceremony. In this case, they will need to find another person to be the new king. Your uncle is the second choice so it can be bestowed on him. That would be the worst thing that can happen to this kingdom so you need to find a quick way to escape from the room.

This kingdom needs an honest king and your uncle is not one. There are items in the room that you can use to escape. Find and collect those items and use your logic to convert it into an escape tool. Time is running low. You shall give this palace what it truly deserved. Play this brand new room escape game from Ajaz Games and stop the Bestowal. Best of luck!

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